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Systems Maintenance

Semi-annual and annual hardware maintenance on each workstation, major peripherals (i.e. printers, scanners) and mainstream software packages will ensure your systems are stable and your staff stay efficient.

Custom packages are available, but usually include these:

virus and firewall program checks and configuration

hard drive maintenance and diagnostics

system hardware upgrades

system firmware upgrades

operating system updates

System Maintenance

Just like your vehicle, the cleaner and more maintained a computer and other IT components are kept, the longer they will work reliably, keeping staff down time to a minimum.


Importance of regular maintenance is the same for a computer as it is for a vehicle… even moreso!


Now, more than ever, increased attacks directed to any and all devices in your business are a “when”, not an “if”.  Keeping your systems up to date in both software and firmware is critical.


Just like your vehicle, the cleaner and more reliable a computer or other IT components are kept, the faster they will work and keep down and wait time for your staff to a minimum.

Extended Life

When you leave updates and upgrades for too long, it costs more to do so when you may really need to… sometimes it even leaves the option non-existent.  Periodic updates keeps your hardware compatible with the newest software, and the newest software giving your staff the best working environment together, and with clients and vendors.