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Did You Know?

Windows 7  is no longer supported and Windows 8.1 support will be ending in:


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Why Ranchlands?



Ranchlands wants to continue providing IT solutions that will keep you focused on your passion - your own business. We are here to manage the realm of computers and technology on your behalf, as your IT staff, as your partner, just as we have since 2003.



Our endeavour is to continually "gut check" our offerings to provide clients with the best value for their business dollar. And, we provide fair pricing for the products and services we offer so we can keep delivering - Enterprise-based solutions for your 'small' business

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Jeff Markowski - Owner


Why Outsourcing

Your IT Services To Ranchlands Makes Sense

Access a pool of trained and experienced technicians, with various skills, at a fraction of the price of just one in-house technician.

We are more responsive than larger IT companies that have more overhead and bureaucracy.

We ensure our staff are trustworthy, dependable and efficient.

Free up your staff time by having our company maintain, troubleshoot and plan for your computing environment.

Our technicians keep up to date with reliable and secure IT solutions from a number of vendors.

Ranchlands chooses “best of breed” solutions for your environment.

Ranchlands offers preferred rates for contract clients on all purchases, and competitive rates for those not on a contract.