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Cloud Services

Cloud based services encompasses a variety of solutions, such as file storage and backup, web-based email, and project management tools. Examples of major SaaS cloud service providers include Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google (G) Suite, Microsoft’s MS365 options, and others.


Microsoft 365 – procurement, configuration and management 

Website, design, hosting, back up and optimization.

E-mail hosting

Cloud storage solutions

Remote backup, archiving and cold storage

Cloud Services

Included in all full MSP packages, we also offer these offerings to cients on a pro-rated and agreed upon basis.


Cloud computing adds versatility to your network and data capabilities with a “pay for what you need” approach!


Now, more than ever, increased attacks directed to any and all devices in your business are a “when”, not an “if”.  One way of keeping your data safe is ensuring its on the cloud, not only one device.

Extended Life

Keeping archives in the cloud can provide a cost-effective means of storing little used data you need to keep easily available for any staff.