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Data Security

Each computing environment is individual to its industry, location, and owners.  Specific strategies, plans and solutions are developed for your company that addresses current and future needs.  Our goal is security of your data.

Keeping abreast of new technologies and solutions so you don’t have to
Supply, testing and configuration of network firewalls, routers and switches to optimize security of your corporate data
Recommendations, consultations, and supply of anti-malware products and services
Backup and data management solutions
Solutions for remote users to safely access your corporate environment

Data Security

Ranchlands, along with its partners, provide a multi-layered approach to your company’s security.  Moving to “Zero Trust” is inevitable and we can help you get there.


Cyber Security is the hottest topic now, and should be for some time to come.

Muti-layered Approach

From industry leading firewalls and edge protection, to client based protection, the more products you implement, the safer your company and corporate data will be.  We can provide vulnerability testing and awareness, as well as security hardening.

Data Backup

Ranchlands offers, and recommends, a multi-tiered system to keep your data backed up, both locally and remotely, to provide access for short-term issues like “I accidentally deleted a file” to “someone left our company and deleted their files’.

Disaster Recovery

Although DR has seen many changes this last 20 years, its main tenant of providing a platform for your to operate your business from in the case of a true disaster remains.  Solutions range from virtualized cloud-based computing, to having a fully operational site ready to go.  Obviously each solution will involve various levels of planning, development, implementation and budgeting.  Ranchlands can assist in your plans.